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St Andrews Prize - commentary. After the award of the St Andrew's Prize for the Environment, May 10 2013. Video content, 1.07 minutes.
Earth Champions! - Sir Crispin praises the Earth Champions initiative on ExpertTV, 1 August 2012. Video content, 1.40 minutes.
Our Energy Responsibilities - interviews Sir Crispin on energy and markets, 22 May 2012. Video content, 8.15 minutes.
Conversations with Green Gurus - Sir Crispin is interviewed for this influential series of interviews, 21 December 2010. Video content, 9.45 minutes.
Conversations with Green Gurus -- introduction. - Promo film for the book of the same name on Youtube. "The collected wisdom of some of the world's most influential environmental movers and shakers is brought together in this one book. Interviewees include energy guru Amory Lovins, former Friends of the Earth Vice Chair Tony Juniper, diplomat Sir Crispin Tickell and business leader Ray Anderson, among others. The end result is an illuminating insight into both general views on sustainability as well as good and bad business decisions made in the search for sustainability. Video content, 3.52 minutes.
Conversations with Green Gurus - the book by Laura Mazur and Louella Miles. This book contains interviews with 15 key environmental thinkers including Sir Crispin Tickell, and represents, say the publishers "the collective wisdom of some of the most influential environmental movers and shakers of our time".
Clean, Green Growth in China - Sir Crispin is interviewed on Big Picture TV, 9 March 2005. "He describes how the Chinese government has been experimenting with new measurements of economic wealth in terms of well-being. He believes the international community would do well to look to China for inspiration in this field. He closes by drawing attention to the hypocrisy of free trade as practiced by leaders in the West.". Video content, 4.23 minutes.
'Tide of feeling' unleashed on Iraq - article for BBC News Online by Alex Kirby, 27 April, 2004.
I have never seen such despair among diplomats - opinion article in The Independent (London), 27 April 2004, following release of the Diplomats' Letter to Tony Blair, constructed from interview with Crispin Tickell.
He's saving the Planet - Profile of Crispin Tickell by Tom Mallens. Published in the Gloucestershire Echo on 17 April 2004.
Belief - interview with Crispin Tickell by Joan Bakewell for the Belief programme, BBC Radio 3. Broadcast on 7 April 2004.
China faces up to environmental challenges - article for BBC News Online by Alex Kirby, 20 November 2002.
'Poor prospects' for Earth Summit - article for BBC News Online by Alex Kirby, 15 July 2002.
Science, public policy and climate change - Interview with Sir Crispin Tickell by Barbara Geary of Rolex. "If the US persists in being the world's biggest polluter, then the rest of the world will have to consider introducing measures such as taxing US exports to compensate for the lack of a national emissions tax in the United States. "

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