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Development: what it should mean - speech on the occasion of the SAFAD Annual Seminar, University of Cranfield, Thursday 6 May 2010.
Environmental protection, energy saving and standardization - An address to the Standardization Administration of China and the British Standards Institute "Environment in Policy-Making" conference; Beijing: 29 June 2005.
Development in an unstable world - Address to the Baring Foundation Seminar on Refugees and Displaced People, 20 January 2005.
Sustainable development - Speech to the 5th Green China Forum. Beijing, 27 October 2004.
Making growth sustainable - Notes for talk on Sustainable Development, State Environment Protection Agency. Beijing: 20 April 2004.
International Governance for Sustainable Development - a talk to the OECD Ministerial Round Table on Sustainable Development, OECD: Paris.
Mao's war against nature - review of Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China, by Judith Shapiro. "Mao believed that what had worked for other industrial countries should work for China. He ignored the consequences of over-extraction of resources, air, land and water pollution, erosion of hill sides, flooding and salinization of irrigated areas, reclamation that led to desertification, and all the other ills of unsustainable human activity..."

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