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Sustainability in China: attitudes past, present and future - Address to the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, at the Naval and Military Club, St James's Square, 23 November 2009.
Attitudes to sustainability in China: past, present and future - China Now: Norton Rose Sustainability Conference 2008. Delivered at 3 More London Riverside, 19 February 2008.
The Chinese environment: prospects and hazards - Lecture at the Said Business School, Oxford University, 20 February 2007. Organised by the James Martin Insitutute. "Within China the environmental cost may be high, even unworkable. But the government seems well aware of the risks and hazards, and knows better than its critics that it has to do a lot more to look after the only China, indeed the only Earth, there is. They may turn out to be pioneers in doing so. As in technology, the rest of the world may soon be learning as much from the Chinese as the Chinese learn from the rest of the world."
The Chinese environment: hazards and prospects - A speech given to The China Association, 6 July 2006.
Environmental protection, energy saving and standardization - An address to the Standardization Administration of China and the British Standards Institute "Environment in Policy-Making" conference; Beijing: 29 June 2005.
Pressures for change - an address to the Corporation of London and F & C Seminar on Good Corporate Governance and Responsible Ownership. The Guildhall, London, 22 June 2005.
Clean, Green Growth in China - Sir Crispin is interviewed on Big Picture TV, 9 March 2005. "He describes how the Chinese government has been experimenting with new measurements of economic wealth in terms of well-being. He believes the international community would do well to look to China for inspiration in this field. He closes by drawing attention to the hypocrisy of free trade as practiced by leaders in the West.". Video content, 4.23 minutes.
Sustainable development - Speech to the 5th Green China Forum. Beijing, 27 October 2004.
Pity the poor elephants! - book review: The Retreat of the Elephants: An Environmental History of China by Mark Elvin. Yale University Press: 2004. Published in Nature, 29 July 2004.
Life sciences in a new climate - address to the 15th CABI Conference: New Approaches to a Changed World. Beijing, 22 April 2004.
Making growth sustainable - Notes for talk on Sustainable Development, State Environment Protection Agency. Beijing: 20 April 2004.
China faces up to environmental challenges - article for BBC News Online by Alex Kirby, 20 November 2002.
Mao's war against nature - review of Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China, by Judith Shapiro. "Mao believed that what had worked for other industrial countries should work for China. He ignored the consequences of over-extraction of resources, air, land and water pollution, erosion of hill sides, flooding and salinization of irrigated areas, reclamation that led to desertification, and all the other ills of unsustainable human activity..."

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