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Resonant morphs - a review of The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry by Rupert Sheldrake. Coronet for Hodder & Stoughton. Published in the Financial Times on 7 January 2012.
Environment, Islam and the future - lecture to the British Science Festival, Birmingham, 16 September 2010. "It may be uncomfortable for many today, but western Europe was regarded in the Islamic world as a barbaric outlier of civilization - poor, primitive, corrupt and credulous. The introduction of Islamic ideas and technology, drawing on civilization elsewhere, from Greece to China, was a propeller of the European renaissance in the 14th and 15th centuries ... "
Environment and the Muslim Heritage - notes for speech to the Muslim Heritage Awareness Group of the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilization. The Royal Society, 14 July 2009.
Conversations with Green Gurus - the book by Laura Mazur and Louella Miles. This book contains interviews with 15 key environmental thinkers including Sir Crispin Tickell, and represents, say the publishers "the collective wisdom of some of the most influential environmental movers and shakers of our time".
Humans: past, present and future - Chancellor's Lecture at the University of Kent, Canterbury: Friday 27 January 2006.
Belief - interview with Crispin Tickell by Joan Bakewell for the Belief programme, BBC Radio 3. Broadcast on 7 April 2004.
Religion and the environment - Lecture delivered to 'The Earth our Destiny' conference, Portsmouth Cathedral. "Environment is the stuff of religion, and religion is the stuff of the environment. Their relationship once went without saying. Yet we live at a time when they are being prised apart ... "

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