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Book reviews

Neandertal thoughts - A review of How to think like a Neandertal? by Thomas Wynn and Frederick L Coolidge Oxford University Press 2012: 210pp. Published in the Financial Times on 4 February 2012.
Resonant morphs - a review of The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry by Rupert Sheldrake. Coronet for Hodder & Stoughton. Published in the Financial Times on 7 January 2012.
Gaia or Medea? The choice is ours - a review of Here On Earth: A New Beginning by Tim Flannery: Allen Lane, 2011: 316 pp., £14.99. Published in the Financial Times, Saturday 5 March 2011.
The challenge is clearer than ever - the response has yet to come - A review of The Economics and Politics of Climate Change, edited by Dieter Helm and Cameron Hepburn. Oxford University Press 2009 538 pp. Published in the Financial Times 28 November 2009.
Better next time - Review of The Meaning of the 21st Century - a vital blueprint for ensuring our future, by James Martin. Published 26 January 2007 in the Times Literary Supplement.
Backwards in time - review of The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life, by Richard Dawkins (September 2004). Published in The Literary Review, November 2004.
Darkness and light - book review: Acquainted With the Night: excursions through the world after dark by Christopher Dewdney. Published in the Financial Times, 2 October 2004.
Pity the poor elephants! - book review: The Retreat of the Elephants: An Environmental History of China by Mark Elvin. Yale University Press: 2004. Published in Nature, 29 July 2004.
Provoke the beast and create a very nasty atmosphere - Book review: The Discovery of Global Warming, by Spencer R. Weart. Published in the Times Higher Education Supplement, 16 April 2004.
A step in time - review of The Earth: An Intimate History by Richard Fortey. Published in the Financial Times, 6 March 2004.
Imagine... - a review of The Age of Consent: A Manifesto for a New World Order, by George Monbiot. Published in the Financial Times, August 23 2003. "This book is a polemic as well as a manifesto. It is an omelet of curate's eggs, some very good, some less good, all strong tasting and well presented. It should make people think; and as the author well says, if we do not like his ideas, then think of better ones. He believes that leaving things as they are is not a serious option. He makes his case."
A darker future for our pale blue dot - a review of Our Final Century, by Martin Rees. Published in the Times Higher Education Supplement, 22 August 2003. "It was the first astronauts who saw the world, as Carl Sagan expressed it, as 'a pale blue dot' in the vastness of the universe. We need to remind ourselves every day that its care, and that of the people on it, now and to come, must be our absolute priority ... "
Whither the future - review of "The Future of Life" by Edward O Wilson, and "Future Evolution - an illuminated history of life to come" by Peter Ward. Financial Times.
Redesigning humans - review of "Redesigning humans - Choosing our Children's Genes", by Gregory Stock. "Whether the technology required is ten years or more away or will ever exist, there can be little doubt that in spite of all the hazards and complexities, it is moving in that direction. Even if it were banned in one country, it would probably be developed in another..."
Homage to Gaia - review of "Homage to Gaia", by James Lovelock. "Lovelock's autobiography brings out his single most important characteristic as a scientist: his refusal to accept dogmas in small things or in big, or to establish dogmas of his own..."
Hidden connections a review of "The Hidden Connections - Integrating the Biological, Cognitive, and Social Dimensions of Life into a Science of Sustainability", by Fritjof Capra. Financial Times.
Mao's war against nature - review of Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China, by Judith Shapiro. "Mao believed that what had worked for other industrial countries should work for China. He ignored the consequences of over-extraction of resources, air, land and water pollution, erosion of hill sides, flooding and salinization of irrigated areas, reclamation that led to desertification, and all the other ills of unsustainable human activity..."
Something new under the sun - review of Something New Under the Sun - An Environmental History of the Twentieth Century, by John McNeill. "For once there is something new under the sun. Up to now there has been a precedent for most things: population explosions of particular plants or animals; periodical extinctions; changes in soil fertility; rapid global cooling and rapid global warming; even impacts of objects from outer space. But in the history of life ... there has been nothing like the impact of one animal species - our own - on the condition of the earth, and most of it within a single century ... "
Economics for the Earth - review of "Eco-economy: Building an Economy for the Earth" by Lester R Brown, and "Human well-being and the natural environment" by Partha Dasgupta.
A tract for our times - review of Edward O Wilson's "Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge".

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