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Societal responses to the Anthropocene - published in the Theme Issue of the Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society, 13 March 2011: "The Anthropocene: a new epoch of geological time?". "The idea that humans could so transform the land surface, seas and atmosphere of the Earth to establish a new geological epoch in their own name is startling in itself, and would have amazed earlier generations. Yet, since the beginning of the industrial revolution some 250 years ago, humans have profoundly affected the Earth and all life on it. The consequences are becoming more evident every day, but in the longer term remain almost unknowable ... "
Environment on the edge - The UNEP / World Conservation Monitoring Centre Lecture, 4 November 2004.
Making growth sustainable - Notes for talk on Sustainable Development, State Environment Protection Agency. Beijing: 20 April 2004.
The ecological challenge in a global context - lecture for the M.Sc. in Responsibility & Business Practice Course, University of Bath. 2 March 2004.
The future: prospects, hazards and opportunities - lecture to the BAAS Annual Conference at the University of Leicester. "Implicit in much human thinking is the idea of progress; but it is wiser to talk about continuity of change. In terms of both human society and evolution generally, there are processes of improvement and degradation, of greater and lesser complexity, of new departures and endings, none with certain directions..."
Sustainability and conservation: prospects for Johannesburg - lecture to the Society for Conservation Biology Conference at the University of Kent at Canterbury, on the prospects for the [then] forthcoming Johannesburg Summit; 15 July 2002.
Risks of conflict - resource and population pressures - Linacre Lecture, University of Oxford. "Looking ahead at the prospects for conflict, we seem to be in for a bumpy ride. Violence within and between communities and between nation states could well increase. The precedents are all around us. It would be nave to expect otherwise, and we must be prepared for it..."
Human frontiers, environments and disease - review of "Human frontiers, environments and disease", by Tony McMichael. Financial Times.

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