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Photograph of Crispin Tickell

Welcome to the website of Sir Crispin Tickell. This website has been created as an archive of his many writings - essays, book reviews, articles, lectures and speeches, on subjects ranging from climate change to global governance.

We are now delighted to have on this website the full text of Climatic Change and World Affairs, one of the first books to highlight the dangers of human-induced global climate change. The book was first published in 1977, and republished in a revised and extended second edition in 1986. Both editions are to our knowledge out-of-print.

Cover of book: Climatic Change and World Affairs

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The creation of this website has been enabled by the Green College Centre for Environmental Policy and Understanding, an independent think-tank whose main purpose was to help bridge the gap between science and policy making in matters of the environment. The Centre has now become the Policy Foresight Programme at the 21st Century School, Oxford University.

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